ES Holding was established as a company that conducts business in several areas:

  • ES Holding is an investment giant, developing in various financial directions.
  • ES Holding acts as the creator of promising franchises, innovative proposals, modern products and advanced developments, which is necessary for the Russian economy.
  • ES Holding is the new economic power of Russia.

The company allows anyone a real opportunity to start their own business with all legal and professional support. Our Partners who started with small business and used our high-tech tools, already got an opportunity to reach the level of regional and international business.

The ultra-modern concept of ES Holding combines the following advantages:

  • A legal business model that presupposes doing business as an Individual Entrepreneur, with a tax rate of 6% (Simplified Taxation System). The business model offered by the Company allows a person to go through the stages starting from “Small” business (with a beginning in the market and first profit) to the level of "Medium" and "Big Business" (which is made possible by creating a network of successful entrepreneurs, independently leading their activities, as in all known franchise systems).
  • Blue-ocean market. We create exclusive products in dynamically developing market segments that meet the international requirements of technology and quality, which allows us to remain competitive and participate in the redistribution of these huge financial flows.
  • The income from retail sales and the compensation plan, which involves profit from the turnover of the franchise network created by you, contains invaluable experience of our work in the holding for investors and colleagues.
  • We develop both offline as well as online projects and making everything that is possible to make them successful
  • The most important advantage of ES Holding is our Team!

See you soon! ES Holding Team.